Upcoming Wellness Wednesday talks! 7-8.15 pm

🪷 12th June – “The Hormone Dilemma: How modern lifestyles impact our hormonal balance” with Simone

In this comprehensive talk, Simone will shed light on the myriad ways that stress, diet, environmental toxins, and other facets of modern living disrupt our hormones. She will offer insightful, science-backed solutions and practical strategies to help you achieve and maintain optimal hormonal health. This talk is relevant for all genders and ages!



🎶 19th June – “E.A.R.S: Emotional Audio Resonance Soundfiles, reprogramming the mind and body for ultimate wellness” with Craig

Listening to a tailored audio experience featuring soothing music, personalised sound frequencies, and a subliminal recording of your own voice promises to rejuvenate and prepare your body for self-healing. Recent testimonials from clients have been nothing short of incredible, with reported improvements in hearing, ambidexterity, and overall well-being. 

Craig Khan, a highly skilled hypnotherapist and sound healing practitioner, will unveil the fascinating details of E.A.R.S (Energy, Audio, Resonance, and Symbiosis) therapy at this upcoming talk. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health and wellness!


🌱 26th June – “Letting Go: Embracing Freedom with Plant Medicines” with Melissa

Are you struggling with letting go and seeking relief from constant worry? Join us on June 26th for a transformative discussion on using Plant Medicines to enhance your well-being. Experience personal storytelling, expert guidance, healing exploration, and purposeful living with psychedelics. Get inspired and reserve your spot for a life-changing journey on July 3rd!


🍄 3rd July – “The Power of Fungi” with Oli